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Our award-winning designers listen, interpret your needs and desires, present creative possibilities and offer professional interior design advice to create your perfect solution. Design Destination provides trusted advice at every stage of the process. From concept development to placing accessory items. Our designers will work with your architect, provide space planning, custom window treatments and much, much more.

Furniture Fair Continues Their Commitment to American Made With New Line Laurel Mercantile Co.

Furniture Fair, the Tri-State’s premier retailer of furniture and home furnishings, has had one goal since founder Bob Daniels opened their first store in 1963: to provide quality furniture at fair prices with exemplary service. The dedicated staff of this family-owned furniture empire is always searching out new home furnishing products that reflect Furniture Fair’s [...]

7 Reasons to Fall in Love with SoCozi

You know that feeling when you walk out of the spa after an hour of deep tissue work? Where your entire body feels looser and lighter, like all the bad stuff’s been banished and what’s left could float away on a cloud? Yeah, imagine having that feeling any time you wanted, just by walking [...]

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Live Like Marie Kondo With Help From Multifunctional Furniture

You read the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, cover to cover. Twice. You binge-watched all eight episodes of the Netflix show—Tidying Up With Marie Kondo—in a single day. You carted eight trash bags full of clothes, a pile of old magazines the size of a small car, and the lion’s share of your [...]

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Awakening Facts: The Importance of Sleep

Think you’re getting the most out of your sleep? Follow along with us on Instagram @Beautyrest to learn some new #AwakeningFacts. Scroll down below to master serious facts about getting serious sleep as seen via our Instagram Stories. SLEEP AND HEALTHY WEIGHT Our ability to maintain a healthy weight is largely regulated by two hormones which [...]

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How to Create the Ultimate Man Cave Just in Time For Super Bowl Sunday

There is one day of the year when sinking into the couch for hours on end is not just socially acceptable, but required. When nacho cheese dip counts as its own food group. When sweatpants and sports jerseys are the only appropriate attire—and shoes are forbidden. When staying inside all day is a-okay. When [...]

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Introducing SoCozi: A Revolution in Motion Furniture

Available at Furniture Fair, the SoCozi™ collection by Mississippi-based Southern Motion provides the comfort and benefits of a professional massage chair in a style that fits your life. Deep Tissue Air Massage Their exclusive technology utilizes the latest in Cozzia air cell design featuring multiple air chambers that inflate and deflate to displace body pressure [...]

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Deck The Halls: How To Subtly Transition Your Holiday Décor From Thanksgiving To Christmas (And Beyond!)

Let’s be real: There’s nothing more nostalgic than cranking up your favorite Christmas tunes and breaking out the old heirloom ornaments. Holiday decorating is the ultimate way to tap into the holiday spirit instantly, and to keep it going. But all that putting up, tearing down and storing can add up to a lot of [...]

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Tasteful, Not Tacky: 6 On-Trend Tips for Decorating Your Home This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for getting festive, but that doesn’t mean you have to fall back on the same tired holiday decor you’ve been dragging out of the attic every year since 1992. Far from the fake poinsettias and ceramic Christmas trees of yesteryear, today’s seasonal décor options are as varied and stylish as the [...]

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From the Farm: How to Give Your Home a Cozy Farmhouse Makeover

If you’re feeling like your home could use a mild facelift, consider the farmhouse look: relaxed yet stylish and chock-full of vintage charm, this is a design concept where a little goes a long way. Just a few thoughtful updates can add a ton of character to a space that’s getting a little dull, [...]

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Pretty Little Porches: 6 Ways to Decorate Your Porch This Fall

Ah, autumn. With its crisp air and blazing foliage comes a time for getting back into the swing of things after a long, lazy summer. And there’s no better place to make a seasonal statement than the first area guests see when they arrive: your front porch. But if plastic pumpkins and stale candy [...]

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