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Our award-winning designers listen, interpret your needs and desires, present creative possibilities and offer professional interior design advice to create your perfect solution. Design Destination provides trusted advice at every stage of the process. From concept development to placing accessory items. Our designers will work with your architect, provide space planning, custom window treatments and much, much more.

How to properly care for your outdoor furniture

Summer in Ohio means one thing: Your backyard or patio is THE place to be. From Saturday afternoon barbecues with family and friends to romantic evenings spent sipping wine by the light of candles and fireflies, there’s nothing more satisfying than a well-equipped outdoor space. But with great satisfaction comes great responsibility, and your patio [...]

Perk Up Your Patio: 5 Ways to refresh your outdoor space

Summer is officially in swing and with it, patio season, the best time of the year. Coffee and newspapers in the mornings, beers and games during the day, neighborhood cookouts among the fireflies in the ever-warmer evenings…having a patio is like having an extra room in your house, but better, because that room is outside! [...]


Finding a bed that meets your individual needs is super important. Things get even trickier when you’re mattress shopping with your partner: two people looking for one bed that fits the needs of both. Here’s a few tips so that you both wake up feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the world. [...]

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How to decorate your patio without spending a fortune

Creating the ultimate patio space is a spring and summer must, but doing it on a budget can be tough. Luckily, there are plenty of expert design ideas you can employ to keep costs down and warm weather hangout vibes strong. And Furniture Fair is a great place to get started. Here, we bring you our six [...]

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6 Of Your Top Sleep Questions Answered By A Sleep Expert

Dr. Rebecca Robbins is a sleep researcher whose work examines the link between sleep and performance, as well as strategies for optimal rest and recovery. She is partnering with the Beautyrest brand to put a renewed focus on sleep performance—noting the importance of how high-quality sleep can give everyone an edge to perform more effectively [...]

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How to Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary For Sleep

Gaining an extra hour is always a plus, how do you adjust to the time change this fall? According to The Better Sleep Council, updating your bedroom could have a big impact on the quality and quantity of your sleep. Take note of these ways to make the most of your space and convert it into [...]

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How to give your home a natural look

Nothing quite beats the great outdoors, but if you’re a nature lover, there are plenty of ways to create a calming and natural vibe inside your own home. Bringing the outdoors indoors is all about color, texture, lighting, and material. A few key items and design choices can go a long way, even if you [...]

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