Beautiful Furniture – Heart of America

Beautiful furniture made with pride in the heart of America uying furniture is complicated. So many things to consider, so many options, and so many companies to choose from. Our goal at Furniture Fair is to make this process easier by giving buyers a large selection of high-quality furniture. The exemplary craftsmanship demonstrated by Smith Brothers of Berne is just one [...]

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Furniture Fair makes Cincinnati even better

How Furniture Fair makes Cincinnati even better d Hartman, the marketing director and celebrity of Cincinnati’s Furniture Fair, likes to say, “It doesn’t matter how tall you are. It’s how big your heart is.” If you’ve seen the commercials with Hartman and former Cincinnati Bengal Anthony Muñoz, you’ll understand the joke. Hartman might be [...]

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Life’s a beach

Life’s a beach: 8 Ways to bring the beach to your homeicture waking up every morning and finding yourself transported to one of your favorite destinations: the beach. Maybe you’re like us and live hours away from the closest beach. Perhaps the beach is a constant summer destination for your family, but you just can’t [...]

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It doesn’t always have to be lit

It doesn’t always have to be lit: How to make your fireplace a focal point even during the warmer months Think back to the last time you used your fireplace. Chances are that you won’t be using your fireplace much this summer, just like you didn’t use it last summer or even the one [...]

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A Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath of Fresh Air: How to turn your backyard into a sanctuary Summer is just around the corner which means longer days, warmer weather, and more time spent outdoors. Give your backyard a refresh and create a sanctuary within your home to enjoy all the benefits of summer while including elements that will work [...]

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A Spotless Spring

A Spotless Spring: 6 Organization essentials for your home pring cleaning. Two words that hold excitement for some but a sense of dread and despair for others. Regardless of how these two little words make you feel, we’re here to lift your spirits because it’s not so bad. These home organization essentials are a great [...]

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Bold & Beautiful

Bold & Beautiful: How to use prints and patterns in your home ou’re thinking about changing up the decor in your home but are unsure of which direction to take. You fancy the idea of being one of those people who is able to take pride and conviction in their choice of prints. Maybe it’s [...]

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Eric Church’s Furniture Collection Is Music for Your Home

Country singer-songwriter Eric Church has released five acclaimed albums, played at major venues across the United States and Canada, and topped charts with his melodies. And yet, as any Church fan knows, this big-time star is simply a small-town North Carolina boy at heart. Although his music offers a deep nostalgia for the heartland of Church’s [...]

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