Awakening Facts: The Importance of Sleep

Think you’re getting the most out of your sleep? Follow along with us on Instagram @Beautyrest to learn some new #AwakeningFacts. Scroll down below to master serious facts about getting serious sleep as seen via our Instagram Stories. SLEEP AND HEALTHY WEIGHT Our ability to maintain a healthy weight is largely regulated by two hormones which [...]

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Finding a bed that meets your individual needs is super important. Things get even trickier when you’re mattress shopping with your partner: two people looking for one bed that fits the needs of both. Here’s a few tips so that you both wake up feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the world. [...]

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6 Of Your Top Sleep Questions Answered By A Sleep Expert

Dr. Rebecca Robbins is a sleep researcher whose work examines the link between sleep and performance, as well as strategies for optimal rest and recovery. She is partnering with the Beautyrest brand to put a renewed focus on sleep performance—noting the importance of how high-quality sleep can give everyone an edge to perform more effectively [...]

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How to Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary For Sleep

Gaining an extra hour is always a plus, how do you adjust to the time change this fall? According to The Better Sleep Council, updating your bedroom could have a big impact on the quality and quantity of your sleep. Take note of these ways to make the most of your space and convert it into [...]

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