Upgrade your furniture to fit your family gatherings

While family gatherings are filled with love and cheer, they’re also infamous for being a lot of work.  Looking to upgrade your furniture for this year’s festivities? Don’t worry, Furniture Fair has this one checked off the list for you! See below for some perfect upgrades for you home: Dining Table: When someone says “family gathering,” the first [...]

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The ultimate holiday table settings

The holidays are just around the corner. Regardless whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or any other holiday, they all center on similar concepts: love, family, friends, and epic food comas. Spruce up your dinner table (or tables) with these ultimate holiday settings: Plaid prints: Plaid tablecloths, napkins, and runners in red and green are [...]

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The Smartest Ways to Divide Small Spaces

When you live in a city like Cincinnati, rent can be expensive. Many of us opt for smaller apartments to save money, but there are plenty of ways to maximize the space that you have. Below are eight tips from Furniture Fair’s Design Team on how to divide small spaces in your home and get the most [...]

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The Bedroom Furniture You Wish You Had as a Kid

Do you ever go shopping for your children and think, “Wow, where was that when I was kid?” We know just how you feel. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite wish-we-had-as-a-child pieces. Maybe your kids will be lucky enough to have some of these in their rooms. 1. A car bed: Were you that [...]

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Beautiful Furniture – Heart of America

Beautiful furniture made with pride in the heart of America uying furniture is complicated. So many things to consider, so many options, and so many companies to choose from. Our goal at Furniture Fair is to make this process easier by giving buyers a large selection of high-quality furniture. The exemplary craftsmanship demonstrated by Smith Brothers of Berne is just one [...]

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