Guest Blog: Multi-Room Design by Diana Fruechtemeyer

Diana Fruechtemeyer of Transformed Interiors had a client interested in a redesign and decoration of multiple rooms. The guest bedroom was dated and uninviting.  Diana designed the room around a antique dresser that belonged to the client’s grandmother.  She also used more contemporary pieces.  A beautiful piece of artwork, the cozy upholstered bed, and [...]

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Guest Blogger: Diana Fruechtemeyer Dining Room Makeover

Diana Fruechtemeyer is the owner and founder of Transformed Interiors and an award winning Interior Designer with over 25 years of interior design experience. She has extensive knowledge of the home building and remodeling processes and she has certifications in Home Staging and Interior ReDesign. She loves working directly with her clients to help them create [...]

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How to properly care for your outdoor furniture

Summer in Ohio means one thing: Your backyard or patio is THE place to be. From Saturday afternoon barbecues with family and friends to romantic evenings spent sipping wine by the light of candles and fireflies, there’s nothing more satisfying than a well-equipped outdoor space. But with great satisfaction comes great responsibility, and your patio [...]

Guest Blog: Liberty township family room remodel – Your Design Partner

This design concept was approved for a liberty township remodel. Ricci Jackson, Your Design Partner, had a blast working with this project and creating a more inviting living space for the lovely family that lives here. It all started while partnering with one of the top general contractors in the Cincinnati area to design [...]

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Perk Up Your Patio: 5 Ways to refresh your outdoor space

Summer is officially in swing and with it, patio season, the best time of the year. Coffee and newspapers in the mornings, beers and games during the day, neighborhood cookouts among the fireflies in the ever-warmer evenings…having a patio is like having an extra room in your house, but better, because that room is outside! [...]

How to decorate your patio without spending a fortune

Creating the ultimate patio space is a spring and summer must, but doing it on a budget can be tough. Luckily, there are plenty of expert design ideas you can employ to keep costs down and warm weather hangout vibes strong. And Furniture Fair is a great place to get started. Here, we bring you our six [...]

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Bedroom Basics: 7 ways to “master” your bedroom with Furniture Fair

Of all the rooms in your house, your bedroom is usually where you spend the most time. So creating the perfect space is important. You want something not only warm and welcoming but also cozy and calming—a place that expresses who you are and acts as your own personal sanctuary, allowing you to feel safe, [...]

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How to make your living room the coziest place on Earth

Gone are the days of rooms too pretty for entertaining and furniture too pristine to sit on. Now, it’s all about making the busiest room in your house the most welcoming. Let Furniture Fair transform your living room into a place that’ll make guests want to wear out their welcome with some of these must-have items. 1. [...]

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Guest Blog: Wifestyles Living Room Tour at Furniture Fair

When we first looked at this home, this room spoke to me!  I instantly saw potential and endless possibilities. My goal for this room was for it to be warm, cozy and homey! I knew the first steps to making my vision come to life were fresh paint and inviting furniture. Furniture Fair was the first place [...]

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