One of the very best things about owning a home (or even renting one) is the ability to host the people you love. Whether it’s just a few friends for an evening of wine and board games, a backyard barbecue for the extended family, or a cocktail-fueled extravaganza that requires multiple days of recovery, there’s nothing better than gathering people in the comfort of your home for a day or night of fun. But to do it right, you have to be prepared, and that means outfitting your home with a few key items that will maximize your entertaining ability. Use this handy-dandy checklist from the good folks at Furniture Fair to prepare for your next gathering.

1. A functional, yet decorative, entertainment center. How much time do you and your family spend scrolling through Netflix? Just kidding, we’re not here to judge. Television is one of the things that makes life great, and also serves as an excellent focal point for a variety of casual gatherings: Sunday afternoon football, movie night, or even just a communal viewing party for the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Of course, a practical entertainment center is a must, because it keeps the wires and accessories accessible but hidden, provides additional storage space for books, records, and DVDs. It also serves as a pretty place to display your knickknacks.

Try this: For a rustic yet chic look, try this Modern Gatherings Entertainment Wall from Riverside, with sliding barn-style doors and a rich wire-brushed Acadia finish.

2. A home bar. If you wish to entertain, a well-stocked bar is a must. Be sure to flesh out your range of offerings with a nice mix of dark and light liquors, some quality bottles of wine, and a few solid mixers, like soda water and juice. Add some fancy bitters and bar tools—like cocktail shakers, muddlers, and a bar spoon. If you want to take it up a notch, put everything together in a stylish home bar.

Try this: Want to really impress your friends at the next cocktail party? This Granite Falls Bar by Eric Church Highway to Home will do the trick, and then some. The faux bus grille design on front with fully functioning headlights is fun personified, and the four doors, two drawers, three stationary shelves, and wine bottle racks in back make it easy to keep things organized. Pair it with a few Boone Cast Iron Barstools made out of antique swiveling tractor seats to complete the look.

3. A stylish wine chiller. If you’re a true oenophile, you’re going to need some additional storage space for your vino and some of that storage space should be chilled. Cramming your collection of whites and bubblies into the regular refrigerator, between the eggs, milk, and yesterday’s leftovers is not ideal. Instead, opt for a wine chiller stylish enough to function as another piece of furniture in your home.

Try this: With five refrigerated shelves and a top that lifts open, this Wine Barrel Refrigerator from Homelegance is truly unique. Shaped like a classic old-school wine barrel but with a polished dark cherry finish, it serves its purpose while also making a statement.

5. Outdoor furniture. Entertaining outside during an Ohio winter is almost impossible. Sure, you can gather up some kindling and light a fire, but that takes serious time and effort. We recommend keeping the fun indoors until the temperature is bearable. In the meantime you can day dream about warmer weather and Furniture Fair’s new 2018 Summer Outdoor lineup, which is coming soon!