Do you ever go shopping for your children and think, “Wow, where was that when I was kid?” We know just how you feel. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite wish-we-had-as-a-child pieces. Maybe your kids will be lucky enough to have some of these in their rooms.

1. A car bed:

Were you that kid who was obsessed with toy cars? Did you race them in your room on that giant rug that looked like a track? This car bed will bring back all sorts of memories.

2. The bed that screams for sleepovers every weekend:

When it comes to this bunk bed, your kids might just be fighting with each other for the bottom instead of the top. The slide-out bed is also perfect for sleepovers. It would be tragic to not have their friends over.

Saddlebrook A-Frame Bunk Bed
Bedroom Furniture - L'il Diva Vanity Mirror

3. The inner-diva vanity mirror:

Your games of dress-up needed a mirror like this, with a hidden cabinet for all of your jewelry. Every little diva needs a place to get glam.

4. The outdoors/indoors bed:

Did you love being outdoors? It didn’t matter if you were going fishing, climbing trees, or playing sports: You just loved to be outside. This bed makes you feel like you’re almost in a tree house.

5. Hide-it-all bed:

Remember when your parents would constantly nag you to pick up your toys and organize your room? This bed holds the power to instantaneously make any room look more organized.

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